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Hey people (: I'm Linze Marie
My blog is a cluster-fuck of things I like, whatever I'm into at the moment, and just random ass shit that I find funny, cute, or are from the 90's
So here's just a few little tidbits about myself:
I was born on May 20th 1994
Straight for you anons :3
I'm quite random
I'm a really big anime/manga junkie
I love photography, sports, music, singing, drawing, etc
OH and I love animals too. I have like a billion pets so it's expected :)
I'll upload a few of my own photos now and again :3
Hope you like em ♥
I'm also a really honest person so you can ask me anything you'd like
Oh and I always follow back :3

Thought it was time for a change :)

Thought it was time for a change :)

So I finally got around to ordering Pokemon X and the 3ds xl because yall know I’ve been a broke bitch since NYCC and of course the game comes first. But not only that in the past week the seller I bought from got all these reviews saying they are a scam and blahblahblah and it’s freaking me out since they haven’t responded to my emails and the shipping number wasn’t in the system when I checked with USPS today. UGHH amazon why of all times do you do this to me I just want to cuddle up in front of the fire and play pokemon and animal crossing and kingdom hearts D: 

Yes, I’m being a five year old whining about this but in all seriousness it is over $160 of my money on the line so I would hope this seller gets back to me soon and says its all just a big misunderstanding (which is most likely not the case and I’ll have to final a claim and y’know that’ll take fucking forever) but fingers crossed guys!

I’m actually kind of annoyed at how long it’s been since I’ve been able to sit down and look through my dash and actually read my messages and stuff because of work being crazy and not being able to use mobile as well since my data was used up made it worse. =_= So now I’m back on my phone since the new plan started but I get off work early tomorrow so I’ll be replying to you guys and I’m sorry it’s been so long :( but plan on seeing more of me after tomorrow since my work hours will be shorter! 

But anyways tonight was…. Not so good i don’t think I’ve ever felt so guilty about doing something in a long long time and man was my walk of shame bad. I’m just all mixed up and need to sleep ugh I wish I didn’t put myself in this situation like I always do but idk if it’s possible to get out of this one without it ending fucked up

So last night I was watching Game of Thrones and my mom comes in and sits down with me when Tyrion comes on and she starts asking shit so I get all kinds of sarcastic. Then she asked about him in real life and being the sarcastic pain in the ass I am, I said “yes, he’s a midget in real life he isn’t just acting now if that covers everything can I get back to watching my show?” And she just starred at me like “are you fucking kidding me you little shit I birthed you and this is what I get” yup mother daughter love for yeah

It kills me to know that no matter how much I want you, even just to talk to you for awhile again, I don’t have enough courage to tell you that I miss you still.

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