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Hey people (: I'm Linze Marie
My blog is a cluster-fuck of things I like, whatever I'm into at the moment, and just random ass shit that I find funny, cute, or are from the 90's
So here's just a few little tidbits about myself:
I was born on May 20th 1994
Straight for you anons :3
I'm quite random
I'm a really big anime/manga junkie
I love photography, sports, music, singing, drawing, etc
OH and I love animals too. I have like a billion pets so it's expected :)
I'll upload a few of my own photos now and again :3
Hope you like em ♥
I'm also a really honest person so you can ask me anything you'd like
Oh and I always follow back :3

So I’m going to crash in my bed now and not wake up for a day or two.

I really wish it was all year round because:

- I got to go to my first rave 

- Spent a bunch of money on cute things and anime prints

- Got my picture taken so many times 

- Saw great cosplays from my favorite animes and games

- Made friends with people who we might hang with on Wednesday 

- And to top it all off, the many awesome jokes that were made this weekend 

so yes my weekend was pretty amazing :)